Front Page Please!

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If it’s not there on the first page of Google, it doesn’t exist.

In the light of recent developments in the business world and umpteen numbers of online marketers, it is very important for the services provided, to place themselves as such that the people can find it instantly and make use of it. Almost everyone wants to do something, provide some sort of service to the people through the net because it’s such a wide-reaching and inexpensive way of communication. But not all are known, because they don’t make it to the first page.


It’s much like a newspaper really. If your story makes it to the front page, it’s a hit! This can be achieved by Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Not all people are aware of how SEO can help in order to increase their popularity or profit. So BHW has organized a conference in order to enlighten people about the SEO. The conference aims at two broad changes in the articles in terms of Information and of quality. The more you inform people in your articles, the more they would like to read more stuff by you, because people have a tendency to like reading stuff that teaches them something new. Also one would frown upon errors, wrong facts, and grammatical mistakes and not trust the quality of a particular site/blog/article if the quality is not up to the mark.

They have teamed up with Ungagged for this conference and aim at enhancing the internet marketing skills of these people. The value of the content in the articles must get better and the BHW along with Ungagged are trying to teach any experienced or interested person how to earn more and the speakers are all veterans in the field. India is fast moving into the digital business world and it is a great endeavor that these organizations are taking

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Books – A perennial source of lightness

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8589130470863-fantasy-land-wallpaper-hdIt is fairly believable when we hear stories of mythical lands being captured by tyrannical invaders, demonic wars waged by great warriors, tragedies being dissolved, deaths overcome and crime and mysteries being solved in novella thereof, but these stories, these tales are considered mere fiction, musings of individuals written on a piece of paper. However the power of books to enlighten a darkened soul, sleeping in the slumber of sloth and procrastination, boosting up the morale of the person and build courage and confidence in him is undeniable.

Ranging from a variety of genres, books have the innate ability to give productive outcomes in the cultural, psychological and/or social behaviour of the reader. Inspirational and motivational novels build one’s self confidence and self appraisal qualities. People become more optimistic about themselves as well the situations surrounding them. It generates positive, more constructive results.

Once you’re into reading books, you don’t back out, there’s no looking back from that path of lightness, to which you’re treading now on. A world where these hardbound covers and paperback editions are limitless is a place of progress and development. For experiences of people who’ve been through enough in their life to be able to share it to the entire world through concoction or absolute reproduction, their life’s greatest events, sure produces a great learning experience in the lives of their readers.

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In fact, it is a real life story that a person, a salesperson or a marketer actually changed her entire life both personally as well as professionally, at home, workplace or in public places, following and learning all the way from the books she has been reading. It is true that sometimes, actually most of the times, books and not the stipulated books of educations system, can teach you things that you’d never get to learn otherwise from your entire life’s education.

It takes only minutes for a fire to spread in the entire forest and it takes only a few words of that finest book that you’ve read to take to you the highest echelons of success and achievement in all spheres of life.




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